Metareality and Novel (Excerpt): Chauffeur Niel (from DSP)

(Text of novel is a direct transposition of Gogol's Dead Souls or Austen's Persuasion. For more on the subject of transposition, please click on the appropriate links to papers on the upper left-hand side of your screen. This passage is derived from chapter 3 of Dead Souls. The chauffeur Niel here is the equivalent of Petrushka there; Joe Leaddus is Pavel Chichikov.)
A rough draft:
This road, however, seemed to go on and on. The cars quickly accumulated, and The chauffeur constantly pumped the brake. Joe was already getting quite worried from not reaching E-'s house for so long. According to his own estimates, They should have arrived ages ago. He looked from side to side, but The sun was so blinding that squiting brought nothing.
"What, chief?"
"Take a look at the gps."
"It's not working right." - After which The chauffeur rolled his head, prolonging the sweep without sweeping and more like bobing from one shoulder to the other. There The philosophy followed: all the positive and pacific meditations That form the ideas of pacifists across all of America from one end to the other, all sorts of random adjectives coming out of his mouth however They entered it, and It ultimately ended with a call for inner peace.
In the meantime, Joe began to notice that the car is braking at every intersection and lurching him back and forth. They are grinding through gridlock again, and probably not going the right way. Niel probably knows it, but He isn't saying a word.
"Hey, Niel, where are we going?"
"Well, you know, it's, like, that kinda problem: gps doesn't work, bumper to bumper!" - And saying this, He drawled his speech so that Joe was forced to catch his condition. Niel was sedated.
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