Transposition: The transposition of setting in The Nose

Backdrop: Original in Russian; transposition in English

Saint-Petersburg -> New York

Idea: Setting needs to be shifted to English-speaking city that is large and prominent, similar to the city in the original

Nevsky prospect -> Broadway / Roadhouse bar; Исакиевский мост -> Brooklyn Bridge

Idea: Main street in nineteenth century Russia should becoem main street in twentyfirst-century America or, in the event of meeting familiar people on it, a single place (see note)

Note: There is no contemporary equivalent in New York comparable to Nevsky prospect in the nineteenth century. In part, this relates to intangible aspects of the street at the time which included the collecting of the aristocracy in one place at a certain hour (on the sunny side in the winter). In part, the change reflects the decentralization of society as a whole, which likewise requires consideration with regard to meetings. Where the concentration of familiar people on Nevsky prospect takes precedence, a transposition to the twentyfirst century must shift to a specific regularly patronized place.

Regular random encounters -> Scheduled meetings

Idea: People in gogol regularly meet randomly on the street, in church, at soirees. To retain the aspect of meeting, but takin ginto consideration the aforementioned decentralized nature of contemporary urban society, it is necessary to have - at least most of - the meetings scheduled.

Church -> Bank

Context: A random morning encounter takes place in a frequented place.

Idea: Church was this frequented place in Gogol; today it must be a grocery store, deli/kiosk, mode of transportation, gym or bank - i.e. places that a businessman might enter before work and that allow for an encounter. For a variety of reasons, including practical and symbolic ones, the bank seemed good. Use your imagination!
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