More manipulation

Excuse me if this is a little off-topic, but it relates to a main topic here: the illusion of reality or the appearance of one reality when another is actually present (indirect discourse infilatrating narration).

Mario Balotelli scored a second goal early in the Germany-Italy semi-final match. The broadcaster jumped from celebrating Italians to dour German fans. Then a shot of a woman with a tear rolling down her cheek flashed across the screen.

The crying woman, however, was not crying at that moment. The shot had been taken earlier, during the presentation when she was apparently moved by the show.

According to the UEFA, it is not uncommon for the editors to blend in shots that are not live.

Assuming this is common throughout sports, it means that even in this area, where it seemed likely to think there is direct correspondence between the live audience's view and the TV audience's view of the event, it turns out the TV viewers are seeing a partially invented reality.
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