Proof of poor reporting in the NY Times

Hopefully Michael Slackmann and the NY Times understand Egypt and Syria better than they did Germany in 2010.

We continue to return to the topic of media misrepresentation because it distorts readers' understanding of the prekariat, the so-called emerging service class (basically freelancers), foreigners and countries abroad. It judges them based on the presumed superiority of an idealized middle class in America, a group that is supposed to be affluent, happy, educated, intelligent, talented, patriotic, hard-working, tolerant, benevolent, religious, modest, considerate, polite. In other words - perfect.

In 2010 Michael Slackman wrote a "Memo from Berlin" about how "right wing sentiment was about to burst its dam." The article really discussed two examples of anti-European sentiment outside of Germany and primarily used Germany in the title to attract anti-German readers. But it nonetheless forecase a coming surge.

At the time, I personally wrote Mr. Slackman, pointing out the fact that polls showed not only overwhelming satisfaction with the government and nowhere close to a majority favoring an end to the European union, but also, above all,  so little support for an anti-European movement that there was not even a party with such position!

Fortunately, a few bailouts of Greece, numerous other intervensions in the bond markets of other peripheral European nations and other emergency measures finally actually produced an anti-European party. And now there has been an election, so we can see how it fares. How did it go? The party failed to obtain 5% of the vote! Not even 5% of the German electorate voted for the anti-European party!

Fortunately, Mr. Slackman has moved on to Egypt and Syria. He surely knows more about them!

Henry Whittlesey


Memo from Germany - Michael Slackman

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