Contemporary online German literature

We are currently reviewing contemporary German work for transposition. To start with, we are rummaging through online boards where any author can post more or less anything they want.

As always in the context of the German intellectual sphere, it is an absolute pleasure to see the high quality of work.

Many of these stories are published without any professional editing, computer analysis programs or any of the other commercial elements that ensure the industrial nature of publishing house fiction. In fact some of them even have typos and minor errors. But nonetheless, their structure, use of language, dilemnas, conflicts, and representation of our polarized life are often exceptional.

Below is a list with some of the best:

1.      Hermann Mensing, Verschiedene Zimmer, Verschiedene Räume

2.      Diana Frank, Du Zwerg, ich Zwerg

3.      Ralph Bruse, Lydia

4.      Ralph Bruse, Totenstill

5.      Gerda Schmidt, Herr K. und das Tissue-Komplott

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