Excerpt of draft on transpoзиция emblem essay

A. Basic idea

i. One leitmotif, images from multiple places

It’s as simple as taking a picture of graffiti on the street in Berlin & Brooklyn. Or a building, a sign reflected in a puddle. The leitmotif for emblem transpoзицию may arise from next to any phenomenon we experience in life. When that phenomenon is placed in relation to the same Phänomen in at least one other culture we have the basis for a transposing emblem.
London, England                                                                                                                                   (c) Koen Douterloigne
 ii. Leitmotif conceived as parallel to "form" in transposition

In literary transposition, the form is largely understood as the sentence. Every sentence of an original work must be retained in the derivatives. Since there are no sentences in images, we view the equivalent in emblem transposing as the leitmotif. It remains consistent throughout each presentation of content.
Manhattan, America                                                                                                                        (c) Pэryp@tet!k Media
iii. Image aligns with "content" in transposition

Each image differs on account of its attributes. The leitmotif – form – remains the same, but the details of the image with this leitmotif will inevitably differ on account of the changes in context. Social housing as a leitmotif will reveal different buildings in Russia, Germany and America.
Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         (c) Pэryp@tetik Media
iv. Transposition: form retained, content changed on the basis of the relationship between past context and present context

The form is retained while the content changes commensurate to the relationship between the one context and the other. In transposing emblems there is no past-present dichotomy. Nonetheless, the context of the photos can be readily compared with images from Russia, Germany, America, Canada, etc.
Newport Beach, America                                                                                                                 (c) Pэryp@tetik Media
v. Text to images; text functions as "context" in transposition

In the transposition of past texts, the context is the time and place of the original and the present day. Transposing emblems, however, are all in the present. The context is manifested expressly in the text to the images.

Angelika Friedrich
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