How a Russian sees America

New York                                                                                                                                               (c) Koen Douterloigne
I'm already breaking my plan to write mostly in Russian or a mixture of Russian, Germany and English. Нечего делать. I came up with a great idea today. But it is primarily for Americans. It would be pointless to write it in Russian.

Что это за идею? What's the idea?

Ha. ha. ha.

It is total geil. здворово. great. замечательно. toll.

Wonderful, it may be all those things, but can't you give us some content?

Ладно. I thought of composing a series, maybe a book on how a Russian's perspective of America!
New York                                                                           (c) Koen Douterloigne
 Вот chapters которые пришли на ум:

1. What do you have that we don't?
2. What's the point of living
3. So!?
4. Now we have your system, now we understand...
5. What if America is the best?
6. Are we really that different?
(there may be more, I just came up with this today)

Санкт-Петербург                                                                                                                                                (c) Lea Winkler
And a summary of those Kapitel:

1. The first chapter addresses the much overlooked fact that most people in America and Russia live in an apartment or house, have heat and food, work and sleep, drive a car and relax or do something on their days off.

2. Kapitel two takes a look at the discipline of some Americans, with the author even acknowledging that many Americans are more disciplined than he is. But questioning whether discipline does not cause you to sacrifice life.

3. In chapter three, it is assumed that all the bad things said about Russia are true and all the good things about America are true. The author accepts the narrative of Russia as hell and America as heaven, yet he not only says so what, but actually argues that it is better to live in hell.

4. Глава fourth examines the debt-based capitalist system through Russian eyes, pointing out some bitter facts about the similarities between the Soviet middle class and the Russian capitalist middle class.

5. The fifth chapter is related indirectly to chapter 3, but explores the ramifications of America's system and society being the best in world history. In particular, it looks at the polarization of society, the prison population, inequality, etc.

6. Kapitel six questions whether we are actually that different, with references to Germany to frame the argument.
Cold Spring, New York                                                                                                                       (c) Sarah Hampelmann
Somehow or other it will be necessary to include this war in eastern Ukraine and I must point out how the book or series of essays is primarily intended to familiarize people with a contrarian point of view or counterarguments to prevailing views. The intent is not to say that one country is better or worse than another.

Юрий Смирнов
24 Февраля
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